The export feature helps keep your sales in check and analyze the profits of your shops.
It automatically collects all the shops' transactions info into a single file and sends it to your email.

How to download the export file

  1. Go to the Main menu of your account. 
  2. Press the Export link.

  3. In the side menu, choose the options for export:
    Payment or Payouts
    CSV or XLSX file format

  4. Click Export
  5. You will then receive the link to your email for downloading the document.

  6. Download the file to your computer and open it with the software of your choice.


The maximum possible number of rows in the document is 1000.

You will receive the following data as columns in the document:

For Payments:

  • Payment Created At - date of payment.
  • ID - the transaction ID. It's a unique value for transactions, but it can match some Bills' IDs.
  • Bill ID - Bills can contain multiple transactions, so there can be several repeating Bill IDs. But there are no two Bills with the same ID. However, Bill IDs could match some Transaction Ids. Keep that in mind.
  • Bill name - The text that you entered in the Name field when you created the payment link.
  • Order ID - Order number from your CMS.
  • Status - is the status of your transaction. Usually, it's either SUCCESS, FAIL, or PROCESSING.
  • Payment amount - The sum payer would pay, by using your link.
  • Payment Commission - The sum of the commission charged for this transaction.
  • Payment Currency Code - The currency of the transaction. It depends on the currency you set up during link creation.
  • Balance Amount - The sum of funds that is transferred to your account if the transaction is successful.
  • Balance Currency Code - Currency of the funds that you receive to your account.
  • Shop Name - If bills were created via our API using your shop ID, the shop name is in this column. It will be convenient if you have multiple shops and you want to sort the transaction list quickly.
  • Card Mask - is the part of the payer's card number in the format of 111111******1111.

    The payer fills the following fields himself. These fields will only show after enabling them when creating the payment link. These fields will show before the payment info input page.
    • Payer name
    • Payer email
    • Payer phone
    • Payer comment

    For Payouts:

    • Payout Created At - Date of payout.
    • ID - Payout ID.
    • Status - Usually SUCCESS or FAIL.
    • Payout amount - The funds paid out.
    • Payout Commission - The commission amount.
    • Payout currency code - Currency of the payout.
    • Account number - If you decide to payout to your Qiwi wallet or bank account, you're going to see the information in this column.

Write off from CARDLINK but didn't buy anything?

CARDLINK is a payment link creation tool for accepting payments. If you see CARDLINK in your bank statement, then the funds were debited using the payment link created using our service.

We will help you deal with this payment. Please fill out the form and we will answer you within 48 hours.

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